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Fun In The Sun..

Oregon doesn’t always allow us time in February to really enjoy the sun.  As a matter of fact, it’s rare that we see the sun in February and, in the off-chance we do, it’s either bitter cold, windy as hell, or both.

In fact, we hit about 6 degrees over the normal for this time of the year, and were 6 degrees from hitting the record temperature for this day in all of history (or as long as records have been kept).  It was a beautiful day here in the Rose City, as we hit 57 degrees.

Having a sick baby, who has gone from a cough, to a runny nose, then to a wheeze, and now to only 1/2 of her normal voice, I didn’t want to take her all the way to the park.  As fun as it sounded to go to the park, it just wasn’t feasible to take her out so that Konnor and I could enjoy the sunshine.

Instead, we pulled out the activity center, grabbed the bubbles and bubble gun, and headed onto the back deck.

The brief change in scenery and that little bit of fresh air did some good for us all.  Ariana didn’t seem to enjoy the sun too much in her eyes, but even she could enjoy the bubbles.

We worked with what we had, ensured Ariana wasn’t out too long, and still were able to enjoy some of this gorgeous Oregon sunshine!


Oregon, My Love….

There are many things in my life that I am proud of. Proud that I have the ability and mental capacity to raise two children: an infant and a toddler. Proud that I have a steady job that pays well (even if I don’t always love it). Proud that there is a roof over my head, clothes on mine and my children’s backs and food in our tummies.

I am also proud of where I live.

I was born in Portland, Oregon.

I was raised in Portland, Oregon.

My mom was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon is my home. My place. Oregon is me. I am Oregon.
I am an Oregonian.
Growing up, I loved all the trees and the smell of freshly cut grass and birds chirping in the spring. To be honest, I have taken for granted all of those things. All my life I figured that this was normal for the entire world, when it clearly is not. Not all of the cities in the world have as many trees as we do. There isn’t always grass to cut.
As my children grow and learn, I want them to appreciate the finer things this state has to offer. Beach trips are frequent, and while the water isn’t as warm as Cali or Florida, the sweet simplicity of the waves crashing are enough to appreciate.
We have hippies and tree huggers and more bicycles then you can imagine. In fact, I think with all the new laws that have been put into effect over the years, bicyclists have more rights on the road than cars do.
Downtown is gorgeous, from a distance.  Some say downtown in general is beauty, but there is so much sadness walking down the streets, seeing those with no homes huddled under the stoops of buildings for warmth.  I, personally, don’t frequent downtown for that reason.

No state is perfect. Oregon has her fair share of flaws. There are too many people without homes, and too many addicted to drugs. Oregon has an epidemic meth problem, with epidemic consequences. The highways haven’t been expanded since I can remember, but the growth of Oregon is far beyond my stretch of mind. Soon, we may be faced with the same traffic problems like that of Los Angeles, Ca. (ok that may be a far-fetched statement, but you get the picture).
Despite all of the flaws, Oregon is amazing. No other word, really. This is my state, and I love it!
(Not to mention in Oregon people pump your gas for you and there is no sales tax!)

We’re Going to the Rose Bowl!!

Woooooooooooooooooooooot!!!! I’m so excited the Ducks won last night and we are flying south for the Rose Bowl!!! *does a happy dance*

An amazing game, but the managed the victory.  Oh man, I soooo wish I could go to that game in Pasadena, California.  Can anyone say road trip?? That would make an amazing Christmas present.  *calls mom* Lol!

January 1st, 2010…. Ohio you better watch yourselves, the Ducks are flyin’ in!!!!!!!!!!!