I remember growing up, I was always so excited for my birthday.  At least a month in advance you could expect me to be all giddy, telling people what I wanted, and even deciding on themes.

My 16th birthday (you know, the sweet 16) was my first ever birthday that I really looked forward to.  Come on, it’s Sweet 16. 

The day I turned 17 really started the countdown to when I would be considered “legal.”  Who doesn’t look forward to becoming an adult when they are a teenager?  If I could turn back time, however, I would have delayed growing up as much as I could.  I mean, we can’t stop time, but we can really rush the growing up part of our lives.

While I don’t consider myself to be all grown up, I have a job that I have to go to in order to pay the bills that are coming, whether I like them or not.  Two kids depend on me being an adult in order to feed them, put clothes on their backs, and raise them right.

Back to the point.  Once I hit 18, it was a matter of “when I turn 21 this” and “when I turn 21 that.”  That’s everyone’s ultimate goal, right?  To be of legal drinking age.  Well, that’s where I was headed.  Thinking it was going to be a looooooooooooong three years, I braced myself. 

Then I got pregnant.  With Konnor.  Best thing ever. 

At that point, all priorities changed.  While I still couldn’t wait to be able to buy alcohol and go to the bars, I kind of forgot the eagerness to turn 21.

Once I turned 20, I started to, once again, get excited for the big two-one.  My best friend and I made plans for my 21st (as she was already 21), and then it finally happened. 

Walking into the club, chin held high, in my little black dress with all my friends who came to celebrate with me.  With VIP status, we didn’t have to pay to get in.  It was amazing.  More drunk that I had ever been in my life, I dont remember much after the first hour.

Just like that, my 21st birthday was over.  I didn’t even have a hangover to show for it. 

Since that birthday, I have had one.  Last year, I forgot that my birthday was even coming up until two days prior.  Justin asked me what we were doing for my birthday, and i was at a total loss. 

I hadn’t looked forward to my birthday at all.

Didn’t realize it was two days away.


While this year I didn’t forget about my birthday, I haven’t necessarily been looking forward to it, either.  Another year older.  Another year gone. 

Tomorrow I turn 23.  My mom is taking me out for a massage to a place we’ve had gift certificates to for about four years(lol yes we do procrastinate), and we will go out to breakfast.  Hanging out with my mom on my birthday always makes me feel loved and special.  That’s the one thing we always do.  Every year.  Since I was in middle or high school.  We both get sick days from whatever we are doing and we hang out.

Now days, though, I look forward to my children’s birthday more than anything.  They get cake, ice cream, super awesome party favors, and presents.  Not to mention you get to go fun places, and invite lots of other kids for them to play with.

Once I hit 21, the coolness of birthdays wore off.  What other birthdays are there to look forward to?  I’m sure not looking forward to being 25, 30, or even 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yikes!


2 responses to “Birthdays…

  1. I remember when birthday’s stopped being cool. I turned 28 last year. Now, I’m almost dreading them! Only two years until 30. AHHHHH!!!!

  2. HA HA I turned 30 a while ago and love it. I thought my 20s were IT…oh no….my 30s so far are THE BEST and loving it. Enjoy and embrace your age chica….like a fine wine we only get better with age.

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