Las Fotos — My Son


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Konnor.  My son.  If you ask my mom, this picture is a spitting image of me as a little kid.  Really.  I wish I could show you the pictures.  Maybe I can scan them someday.  You will see.  Serious resemblance.


New site…

Sorry everyone!!

I know I JUST switched from blogger to wordpress, but theJAKAfiles is changing again.

That’s it.. The new (and hopefully final) site.  I have google friend connect back!! Wooooooooot!  So follow me. 


Wordless Wednesday


Happy Birthday!!

Justin surprised me with these yesterday.

Yeah, I pretty much love him!

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A Little Something About True Friends….

So this is an expansion from this post.

Being a mother teaches you a lot of things, I’d like to think.

That includes who your real friends are.

Best friends, even.

Jenny has been there for years. To give you an idea, rewind back to Ariana’s birth, back to me dating Justin, before Konnor, prior to graduating high school, and stop at the partying days. Now, hit play:

She met Billy, a mutual friend, where they worked together. Billy was Eddie’s best friend, and Eddie was my boyfriend. This all pans out very well. Now, don’t lose track people!

The first time Billy brought Jenny over to one of his infamous house (okay, apartment) parties, her and I instantly clicked.

That was it. My best friend. Forever.

We partied all the time with the boys. Got way too drunk. Had way too much fun. I was barely 18 and partying – I may have been a bit crazy. She was at least 21 – of age to drink.

When the boys got the better of us, we had each other. When life seemed like it was hanging over our head and pulling us down, we had each other. When we had a pregnancy scare in the same month, the boys didn’t know, because we had each other.

At least, that was her scare. It was my, at the time, nightmare.
I was pregnant.

Horrified to tell anyone, especially Eddie, her and I kept it our little secret.

My worst fears were confirmed when I did tell Eddie – he didn’t want the baby. He pushed and pushed for an abortion and I pushed and pushed back that it was NOT going to happen. He finally accepted my decision, and we broke it off. Shocker, right? 18 and not wanting to be a daddy, I guess I could understand.

Jenny was always there for me. Appointments, the sickness, shopping, and even the morning of my labor, she was but a phone call away. I remember her getting so mad at the boys when they would smoke their nasty hookah when I was at the apartment. Eddie didn’t care, but she was yelling at them to stop or take it outside.

The morning I went into labor, she was there. Eddie almost missed the birth (kind of wish he would have, but that is a different story) but Jenny was there from the time I got to the hospital until after Konnor was born. She had come straight from a night shift at work, and I remember her falling asleep on the floor in the room. LOL.

After Konnor was born, Jenny was always there. All of his firsts, and all of his boo-boo’s, everything, she was there.

When all of our other friends left me hanging to continue their life of partying, she didn’t. Jenny grew with me. She developed instincts that mothers gain when they have a baby. They are instincts that I grew well before I had Konnor. Instincts that grew when my brothers and sister were born.

The protective nature.

Unconditional love.

She became as close to a mother that anyone without a child can be.
Konnor thought the world of his Auntie Jenny. The sweet simplicity of the two. They had this silly bond so full of cuteness and love.

Our lives changed a couple of years ago, and Jenny isn’t around as much as she used to be. I used to think it was because she was just one of those people who don’t truly understand mothers. Fathers, even. Simply because she didn’t have any of her own.
Stupid thoughts.

It wasn’t because she didn’t understand. She loved doing everything with Konnor that she could. Our lives have just gone in different directions. Our paths went opposite one another, and have crossed again. Maybe this time we won’t have to walk down paths that are so far apart.

Monday Mingle – Birthday Edition!!!

Sooo, Happy Birthday to me!

Hope you enjoy my mingle.

Since I am a spazz, and didn’t disclose this info in my mingle, please feel free to click on the image above to be redirected to EightyMPHmom so you can check out our other fabulous minglers and even mingle yourself!

Really, Monday Mingle is soooooooo addicting!  Haha.  Anyways, without further ado, here we gooooooooooooooo!!!





I remember growing up, I was always so excited for my birthday.  At least a month in advance you could expect me to be all giddy, telling people what I wanted, and even deciding on themes.

My 16th birthday (you know, the sweet 16) was my first ever birthday that I really looked forward to.  Come on, it’s Sweet 16. 

The day I turned 17 really started the countdown to when I would be considered “legal.”  Who doesn’t look forward to becoming an adult when they are a teenager?  If I could turn back time, however, I would have delayed growing up as much as I could.  I mean, we can’t stop time, but we can really rush the growing up part of our lives.

While I don’t consider myself to be all grown up, I have a job that I have to go to in order to pay the bills that are coming, whether I like them or not.  Two kids depend on me being an adult in order to feed them, put clothes on their backs, and raise them right.

Back to the point.  Once I hit 18, it was a matter of “when I turn 21 this” and “when I turn 21 that.”  That’s everyone’s ultimate goal, right?  To be of legal drinking age.  Well, that’s where I was headed.  Thinking it was going to be a looooooooooooong three years, I braced myself. 

Then I got pregnant.  With Konnor.  Best thing ever. 

At that point, all priorities changed.  While I still couldn’t wait to be able to buy alcohol and go to the bars, I kind of forgot the eagerness to turn 21.

Once I turned 20, I started to, once again, get excited for the big two-one.  My best friend and I made plans for my 21st (as she was already 21), and then it finally happened. 

Walking into the club, chin held high, in my little black dress with all my friends who came to celebrate with me.  With VIP status, we didn’t have to pay to get in.  It was amazing.  More drunk that I had ever been in my life, I dont remember much after the first hour.

Just like that, my 21st birthday was over.  I didn’t even have a hangover to show for it. 

Since that birthday, I have had one.  Last year, I forgot that my birthday was even coming up until two days prior.  Justin asked me what we were doing for my birthday, and i was at a total loss. 

I hadn’t looked forward to my birthday at all.

Didn’t realize it was two days away.


While this year I didn’t forget about my birthday, I haven’t necessarily been looking forward to it, either.  Another year older.  Another year gone. 

Tomorrow I turn 23.  My mom is taking me out for a massage to a place we’ve had gift certificates to for about four years(lol yes we do procrastinate), and we will go out to breakfast.  Hanging out with my mom on my birthday always makes me feel loved and special.  That’s the one thing we always do.  Every year.  Since I was in middle or high school.  We both get sick days from whatever we are doing and we hang out.

Now days, though, I look forward to my children’s birthday more than anything.  They get cake, ice cream, super awesome party favors, and presents.  Not to mention you get to go fun places, and invite lots of other kids for them to play with.

Once I hit 21, the coolness of birthdays wore off.  What other birthdays are there to look forward to?  I’m sure not looking forward to being 25, 30, or even 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yikes!

Fun In The Sun..

Oregon doesn’t always allow us time in February to really enjoy the sun.  As a matter of fact, it’s rare that we see the sun in February and, in the off-chance we do, it’s either bitter cold, windy as hell, or both.

In fact, we hit about 6 degrees over the normal for this time of the year, and were 6 degrees from hitting the record temperature for this day in all of history (or as long as records have been kept).  It was a beautiful day here in the Rose City, as we hit 57 degrees.

Having a sick baby, who has gone from a cough, to a runny nose, then to a wheeze, and now to only 1/2 of her normal voice, I didn’t want to take her all the way to the park.  As fun as it sounded to go to the park, it just wasn’t feasible to take her out so that Konnor and I could enjoy the sunshine.

Instead, we pulled out the activity center, grabbed the bubbles and bubble gun, and headed onto the back deck.

The brief change in scenery and that little bit of fresh air did some good for us all.  Ariana didn’t seem to enjoy the sun too much in her eyes, but even she could enjoy the bubbles.

We worked with what we had, ensured Ariana wasn’t out too long, and still were able to enjoy some of this gorgeous Oregon sunshine!